October 4, 20

Did it really take me a year to write this post? Yes, so let’s get to it. Navigating Penn Station on any day is a struggle per se. Navigating it while running on fumes and carrying three heavy bags is the plot of the next Mission Impossible movie. Keep an eye out for it in […]

August 3, 19
By Silvia 0 Comment blog

If you follow me on social media, you are fully aware of the extent of my excitement and appreciation for Dark Sublime, but for those of you who have stumbled upon this blog post by mistake (very plausible) or by chance and are actually reading through it, you might not know what Dark Sublime is […]

June 25, 19
By Silvia 0 Comment blog

I love going to the theatre. I feel incredibly lucky that I live in London and I am ever so grateful that I can afford to go to a new show every other week, if not every week. The “Show of the Week” is picked weeks in advance and carefully planned around all the comic […]